Older Writings

Here are a few older pieces of published research of varying quality.

2014: Frontiers in Google Maps: Commodification and Territory in the Boarderlands

This article is from a paper I presented at the IAFOR Asian Conference on Cultural Studies in Osaka, Japan in 2014. It is centrally about how Google Maps changes where international boarders fall depending on who is looking at the map. After the conference, the paper became an article published with in The IAFOR Academic Review. It can be downloaded from here.

2013: The Culturalization of Nature and the Naturalization of Culture in Google Maps

This paper was presented at the 2013 People and the Planet conference hosted by the now defunct Global Cities Research Institute at RMIT University in Melbourne. This working paper was then published as part of the conference proceedings.

2011: Space, Cyberspace and the Interface: The Trouble with Google Maps

This was my first peer-reviewed academic article, published by M/C Journal, an Australian based open-access journal. In light of its lack of methodological or theoretical rigor, something that became apparent to me after studying these topics in much greater depth for many more years, I am not tremendously proud of this piece. Nevertheless, it does represent a pre-PhD attempt at grappling with these issues. It can be found here.