Tim Ström

Timothy Erik Ström is an independent writer based in Melbourne, Australia who uses political and philosophical approaches to research the overlapping realms of technology, ecology and capitalism.

Tim is an editor at the radical publishing cooperative Arena and is the author of Globalization and Surveillance, and his writings have been published in many journals and publications. He has worked at the University of Melbourne, RMIT University, and Western Sydney University, where he lectured, coordinated, tutored and works as a researcher involved with many projects.

With his partner, UB, and daughter, Mirolima, he is part of an effort to retrofit a slice of suburbia into a vibrant community with lots of shared projects, food production via lush permaculture gardens and low-energy lifestyles. He is a keen student of the electric bass and if there is any time left, he writes science fiction.

He can be reached at <tim[at]arena.org.au>

UB, Tim and Mirolima, October, 2019